The Sallis Day line-up is Awesome – Our 2019 Parade is joined by Little Miss Attala County!

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Sallis Homecoming Committee
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Welcome Home To All Our Holiday Visitors.

The Annual Sallis Homecoming Festival kicks off with a prayer, followed by our parade. Arts, crafts, music, farm food and family activities fill downtown Sallis. Enjoy tasty food, take part in competitions and catch the sun.
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How we spent the Festival in 2018
The Bible tells us that our Gifts shall make room for us – Miz Tiffany exemplifies this as she employs her plethora of talents to empower, entertain and educate people, while glorifying Jehovah.

Attention Vendors
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$35 Now – July 6th, 2019
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Where does the festival take place?
Down-Town, Sallis Mississippi On Front Street.

Hello, my name is Madamxtra and I enjoy the Blessing of working with the Sallis Homecoming Committee. I built this website and established our internet presence to support the vision of Mrs. Elnora Clark – the festival's founder. I invite you to shop my Avon store in support of the Sallis Community. Thank You...SMILE!!!

Q. When is the festival?

A. Sallis Day is always scheduled for the Saturday of the 4th of July weekend.

Q. How much is vendor-booth space?

A. Booths are $35 but we offer early-bird specials. Space is discounted from January until June 15th.

Q. Do I need a permit?

A. Festival permits are included in the price of booth-space.

Q. Can I sell food?

A. Yes. Be sure to follow all USDA and State, sanitation and food-safety regulations.

Q. Will electricity be provided?

A. No power is provided to vendors.

Q. What time does the festival start?

A. The parade begins between 9:30 and 10 am.

Q. What time should I arrive?

A. Vendors and parade participants begin arriving as early as 6am, according to their preparation needs (Tents, grills, machinery, etc.)

Q. Where is Sallis Mississippi?

A. Sallis is 12 miles west of Kosciusko, MS and 8 miles east of Durant MS, on county highway # 429. Accessible by State highways #12 and #14.

Q. Are pets allowed?

A. No. Animal acts are welcome for entertainment purposes only – not personal pets.

Q. Will Security be provided?

A. The Sallis Day Festival is protected by the Attala County Sheriff's Department. The Attala County Fire Department and EMT personal attend also.

Q. What is the parking situation?

A. Vendors are advised to remove personal vehicles from Festival Grounds after set up to ensure the safety of Children and Elderly. There is plenty of parking space.

Q. Can I request a song from the DJ?

A. That is up to the DJ. You will have to ask him/her.

Q. How long does the festival run.

A. Until 4pm.

Q. What kind of stuff can I sell at the festival?

A. Anything that is Legal and Family-Friendly. No booze, porn, medications/drugs, animals or pirated goods. That is the short list but you will have to use common sense.
We tried to collect most popular questions about the festival, but if you still have any, ask us by the e-mail:
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